Emikos one day Mini Extravaganza 2016

Greetings & Salutations

AND thank you for navigating across the great vastness known as the Internet to our event web page. Within the time to come we will be announcing fantastic event's, partnerships and other wonderful gaming delights. Our one day event started in 2012 with just a "mini" handful of gaming enthusiasts who just really like all kinds of FAN stuff.

AND to kick things off, we are back with a ONE DAY event. and er are scheduled for this coming December 31st 2016 with a start TIME of: 1pm at the KITCHENER CITY HALL downtown Kitchener, and this event will be FIVE Dollars for all those who still have there weekend pass from EMC 2015 .HOWEVER. if you don't have a membership pass from EMC 2015, that is okay we have the following to get in to the event:

Five dollars (at the door) for this membership event and it includes 2 Raffle Ticket's , ((more Raffle Tickets are available at the show)) please click the following link to buy our ONE day passes online

2016 Event Guests

and with that we're very excited to announce the following:


For our full roster of guests MORE is posted at the following: http://go2emc.ca/2016/guests.php


It's our hope that you can come on out, kick back and have some fun with us...

And with that being said, here are some updates on what's going on with this year's event.


Needless to say we are really really excited to work with our friends at KITCHENER CITY HALL And it's our hope that you could come out and join us in our event FUN just for the day ^_^.


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If you have any other questions for this event - Please e-mail us at: info(AT)go2emc(dot)ca