2015 Artist Alley and Dealers Room

Application Now Open for 2015!

EMC-1Thank you for your interest in becoming a dealer at Emiko’s Mini Convention! We appreciate that you are interested in a Dealers Table or Advertising/Sponsorship opportunities, please email us at  sales !

If you are interested in a Dealers Table, the Emiko Mini Convention 2015 Dealers Application Form and Policy are available. Email us at  sales  for both. Please note that dealer space is sold as tables and not as square footage. Only tables provided may be used. Due to the irregular shape of the event area, an exact layout map is unavailable. The final layout depends on the number of dealers applying and the number of tables for each (eg the number of dealers applying for 1 table, the number applying for 2 tables, etc.). We thank you for your understanding!


384975893475648765836EMC’s Nominoichi Friday Swap Meet

What is a Nominoichi Friday Swap Meet? It’s a unique marketplace where, for on Friday night only,  tables will be set up shopping for a period of time The Nominoichi is like an  garage sale without the garage, a flea market without the fleas, Tsukiji fish market without any fish kind of thing…. So with that and as a part of our Friday event programming, we are offering a Swap Meet Nominoichi, table pricing for event is:

$30.00 half a table   908780988809808
$60.00 for full table 908780988809808

and power is available for additional cost of $20.00 dollars

Dealer Table Pricing

We are pleased to announce our Dealer Table pricing for Emiko’s Mini Convention 2015 is as follows – The rental of a table is only $70 – BUT –  must be purchased and attended both the Saturday and Sunday of the show. All tables are 8 foot long and includes a tablecloth and two chairs. Please note that two free weekend passes are provided, and additional weekend memberships are available at a reduced cost). Please note that power is available for additional cost of $20 per day, and our prices Dealer Table pricing will be going up once the early bird time has been concluded. 

If you like to purchase, just click the following  908780988809808 and Please email us at  , sales , for further details, application forms, and payment details.


Artist Alley Pricing

1774_107095220243_9552_2An Artist Alley space costs $40 per day and includes: 4′ by 3′ table space with tablecloth (half of a shared 8′ x 3′ table), 1 chair, and ONE membership pass. Spaces are sold in half tables only. Only ONE person can sit behind a half table and only ONE artist is registered to a space. If you want to share a table with a friend, they must buy their own space (their own half table and please indicate if this is the case). Sale of Products Policy: All products and works of art must be original and produced by the exhibitor. The following items are not allowed in the Artist Alley: food, doujinshi/comics not made by the exhibitor, fanart based on Star Wars, Marvel or Disney, weapons, art materials, anything mass produced, art that is not yours or that you do not have written permission to sell, anything with a Disney character on it, and replicas of officially licensed products or the actual licensed product.

Interested? just click there  908780988809808  and for further details, application forms, and payment details..
Please email at tsales ,  We will review your application and, if approved, contact you with payment information and confirmation.