To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all who will be attending the upcoming Emiko’s Mini Convention, we ask that all visitors observe the following Con policies. Any questions regarding these policies should be directed to the staff or office. Thank you. 


    • Costumes that are large or bulky in nature, and/or have restricted vision will be asked to travel with an unencumbered escort (an attendee without costume or one without restricting features) when moving through high traffic areas of the convention.
    • Costumes worn must be suitable for an all-ages audience: they are required to have bikini areas covered, and be free of other implications unsuitable for a young audience. Attendees may be asked to remove or cover up their costumes if deemed unsuitable per the staff’s discretion.
    • Any disguises/masks on the face should be easily removable upon any request, either by staff or an attendee.



For the safety of all con attendees, the following policy towards such items will be strictly enforced. Attendees are expected to read and comply to it completely. Failure to do so will result in warnings and potentially loss of convention membership. All props must be checked at the registration desk upon entry. Below is a list of what is not allowed, how to have your props checked, and how props are meant to be used at the convention.

1. NO live firearms. Removal of firing pin or bolt does not negate this rule!

2. NO prohibited weapons (as defined by applicable Canadian Laws). Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Bali-Song (“butterfly knife”) or switchblade/dropblade style knives.
  • Nunchucks, Tonfas, Shurikens, or similarly restricted Martial Arts Weapons, which are illegal under the Criminal Code of Canada (foam models of these items are permitted).
  • Law Enforcement items such as Batons, Tasers or Mace.

3. NO Replicas of Contemporary Firearms (i.e. beginning from the era of revolvers – U.S. Civil War forward to any currently manufactured firearms).

4. NO metal weapons or yaoi paddles. Metal weapons shall include but not be limited to swords, knives and daggers. (Plastic or wood which LOOK like metal will be permitted.) All sharp edges on props should be dull and not pose immediate harm to attendees.

5. All props must be inspected and authorized by the Prop Masters at the Registration tables at the event space. Upon approval, the prop(s) will be bonded and marked accordingly.

6. Any props which fail to meet the safety criteria of the Prop Master must be immediately (and discreetly) returned to storage (e.g.: your hotel room or vehicle) for the duration of the convention or be checked by the Prop Master for a cost of $2. This cost is per item checked. Please note it is your responsibility to pick up your checked items. Any items left in the care of the Prop Master beyond the 6 pm on Sunday August 9th 2015 will become the property of the convention.

7. For all props which do pass the safety criteria, a sticker will be awarded to the attendee showing they have been approved to carry their props. The sticker will be placed on the member’s weekend pass; if the attendee does not have a weekend pass, a prop pass must be purchased at a fee of $2. This sticker must visible at all times. This is in place to help us secure the safety and enjoyment of all members of the convention.

8. Handheld props will not be drawn or displayed outside of convention function space (except in the privacy of a hotel room), or in any public or crowded area except for specific photo ops areas.

9. Due and full consideration must be given to physical safety and peace of mind of other persons at all times, this includes the general public and venue staff, not just other convention attendees.

10. All handheld props must be holstered, sheathed or slung in an approved fashion.

11. Convention Operation Services and prop staff members reserve the right to inspect handheld props, peace bond and convention badge markings at any time. Any signs of tampering will be referred to the Prop Master for confirmation of authenticity.

12. Horseplay (of any kind, whether participants are consenting parties or not) with props will not be tolerated. All persons involved may be penalized depending upon the nature of the severity of the offense. All complaints of behavior of this nature will be dealt with immediately by EMC.

13. Failure to adhere to one or more of the above rules will result in any or all of the following penalties being swiftly enforced:

Immediate loss of the privilege to carry any prop Expulsion, without refund, from Emiko’s Mini Convention, Any act of gross negligence or public endangerment may result in criminal charges beyond the contr ol of EMC (please remember that the general public may have no idea that the convention is in progress and may react in the extreme if they feel threatened).

Please note that certain exemptions to rules 3, 4, and 6 may be considered for the purpose of the Costume Contest ONLY. If you wish to submit a weapon or routine for special consideration, please consult with the Costume Contest Director prior to the masquerade registration deadline.

The decision of the Prop Master is final and will be enforced to ensure a safe environment for all convention attendees. Any prop deemed not structurally sound and/or may cause injury to others will not be permitted into the convention. Any prop resembling a weapon may be removed at convention staff’s discretion with respect to safety. Emiko’s Mini Convention Staff have the right to inspect any prop or weapon on request and take action where necessary.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Emiko’s Mini Convention is not a licensed event, and there is no alcohol permitted in any of the venues or surrounding area(s).



Drugs, theft, vandalism and all affiliated violations are considered illegal and will be dealt with accordingly in compliance to Canadian Laws of Justice and will not be tolerated in any fashion.



Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the convention. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas, such as the sidewalk outside of any building hosting convention activities.


Aggressive Physical Behaviour

For the safety of all patrons, re-enactments of character fights or any sort of play fighting is strictly prohibited in convention, and will be asked by convention staff to cease and desist.

“Glomping” (a coined anime colloquialism pertaining to an aggressive hug, often without prior consent) can be disruptive and can injure an unsuspected patron or bystander. If this expression of affection should occur in any circumstance, consent must be obtained prior to the action behind performed.

Repeated warnings and offenses of any aggressive physical behavior may result in removal from the premises and/or loss of convention membership.


Loss and Prevention

All attendees, exhibitors, and staff are responsible for their own property, merchandise, and money. Emiko’s Mini Convention and/or its agents are not liable for loss or damage, including but not limited to: merchandise, equipment, revenue, etc. General security is provided on premises, but should not be solely relied upon.



Emiko’s Mini Convention is an all-ages convention and extends a great welcome to children. However all young children need to be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for their children if they are disruptive in any way and should address the situation accordingly. Children who are repeatedly disruptive may be asked to leave the convention either temporarily or permanently. Missing children should be reported to front desk staff immediately. For emergencies, the police station is located on Frederick Street near Weber, close to The Registry Theater.



Photography of any individual cannot occur without prior agreement between the photographer and the subject.



Exhibitors and artists are responsible for their own property, merchandise and money, and under no circumstances will Emiko’s Mini Convention,or its agents are liable for loss or damage including but not limited to merchandise, equipment, or revenue. You agree to these terms and to abide by the room policies upon the submission of your application.

The policies of Emiko’s Mini Convention seek to adhere to the Canadian Laws of Justice. Convention policies are final and not negotiable. All policies will be strictly enforced to ensure the safety of all Emiko’s Mini Convention patrons and the safe environment of all hosting venues and surrounding areas.