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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, and for those who are young of heart, it is with great pleasure that we announce our 2014 guests, and to start with our 2014 show event we have…


Since 2008 Droo has been capturing cosplayers at his mobile studio at conventions. If you’ve ever visited his “funtograpy suite” you will be pleasantly greeted with his passion, enthusiasm and energetic appreciation for cosplay. Wanting to give back to the thousands of cosplayers that he’s befriended since his humble beginnings, Droo has created Love Cosplay Magazine, which is a high quality cosplay magazine catering to cosplayers around the world.

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Bradie Whetham

A local youth actor and musician, Bradie will be making an appearance at Emiko’s Mini Convention, 2014! He has been in many films, commercials, and series, such as The Snow Queen (2005), Goosebumps, Wind at my Back, and Gusher Ads! Check out his quick Demo at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seiqG0SYQu0. He also creates his own nerdy/geeky rap music, http://bradiewhetham.bandcamp.com with his YouTube channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoKbjeYkWik_F63NVPCSWDg. He is sure to be a delight!

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Ammie Chan

What can be said about Ammie Chan?  Well to start with, she is a multiple medium artist, she expresses herself through the medium of painting portraits, movie posters, cartoons, and she also has created her own custom watermark symbols, which are really really cool to see. On top of that, AmmieChan has been showcased on Cosplay.com and was also featured on American Cosplay Paradise AND she just happens to be a masters level cosplayer. We are extremely proud to have AmmieChan as a part of our 2014 class guests roster.  More on AmmieChan can be found at:




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Austin Powers

A hero of the 1997s: Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery. The character is a silly satire of superspy James Bond and an affectionate spoof of the swinging London from the 1960s. It is rumored that his arch-nemesis is the nefarious Dr Stevil, but then again, this is just a mere rumor that circulates most conventions. You will have to ask the international man of mystery himself at this year’s event..

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Dr. Stevil

When Dr Stevil is not trying to take over the world, he spends his time traveling to various cons talking to interesting people and sharing their stories online. These people include local talent such as cosplayers, artists, wrestlers, celebrities and anyone he finds, well, interesting. These interview can be found on Youtube.com/ChattingwithStevil and by chatting with Dr Stevil on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ChattingWithDrStevil).

Mwa Ha ha ha ha ha!

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Number 2

It’s mostly rumored that Number 2, as his name implies, is the second-in-command of Dr. Stevil’s empire, and was also ranked second only to Dr. Stevil in test grades during their school years. He also frequently reminds the doctor to stay focused on his plan when Dr. Stevil is distracted. To his Evil credit, Number 2 has worked for Dr. Stevil for at least 30 years, and with all of this he is making his way to the region of Waterloo just in time for this year’s event.

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Mike Rooth

As a Canadian illustrator Mike Rooth has been a Freelance Art Mercenary since the late 20th Century. As well as creating a score of pinups for some of his favorite indy comics, Mike has also worked on numerous sketch cards sets for both Rittenhouse Archives (Marvel Universe 2011, Marvel’s Greatest Heroes, Marvel Bronze Age 2012) and Cryptozoic Entertainment (CBLDF, DC Comics New 52, Tarzan 100th Anniversary, DC Legend of The Batman, and THE WALKING DEAD Comic Book set). More on Mike can be found at: www.mikerooth.com .

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Richard Zajac

Richard Zajac is a comic book inker living just outside of Toronto. He has been working in the industry for years working most recently on Batwing and the Huntress mini-series with Marcus To for DC as well as the DC Villians poster for WB. He also has helped Francis Manapul on Adventure Comics and the Flash. His work can be seen in Soulfire Vol.2, G.I. America’s Elite, G.I. Joe: Special Missions, etc. He has written and published his own book; Thoughtless. He also teaches art instruction to kids and teens. He accepts commission requests ranging from pin-ups, specialty drawings and tattoo designs. Richard has long been a part of the Hero Initiative, acting as a Regional Chair, and you can see his painting and penciling work in various Hero publications. http://richardzajac.deviantart.com/

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Nick Nikon & Flash Lowlight

Who are the PuppetRazzi?  Why they are Nick Nikon & Flash Lowlight and they are here at this years EMC to bring us the very best of what’s happening in today’s entertainment and much more.  To know more about Nick Nikon & Flash Lowlight and their crazy misadventures, just click to the following link:  https://www.facebook.com/PuppeTrazzi/  to know more.

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Sky Westman

Sky Westman who hails from London, Ontario will be making his first appearance at this years EMC. Sky is a costume designer who has created some excellent and authentic replicas with his legendary craftsmanship of various trades. He has also dabbled in prop design, creating many authentic weapons and additions to his costumes. Sky is a master craftsman who likes to put his various talents to use. His creations come from his interest in comic books, science fiction and horror. Truly someone to make a trip to see!

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Brian Connor

Brian Connor is an inventor of sorts – We think he is mostly responsible for the creation of the electronic power suit that is built with Stark Enterprises technology – however Brian’s biggest claim to fame is the creation of Little Iron Girl that is known for accidentally tipping cars over, out running her school buses and just having a cute factor that can warm any super villains cold heart (or so we have heard).

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Buck Gunderson

The man known as Buck Gunderson is a Toronto based Professional Wrestler. He has wrestled for almost every notable promotion in Ontario and currently Holds the GCW (Great Canadian Wrestling) Brass Knuckles Championship. He is the founder of the WrestleCrisis promotion which features video game themed “Combat Opera” and was behind the Viral Youtube Zangief Attack Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ2nT5FPhbE. He also organizes Anime North’s popular “Anime Wrestling”. More on Buck can be found at http://www.facebook.com/BuckGunderson and on twitter https://twitter.com/buckwrestles AND last year, Buck became EMC’s Underground Public Wrestling champion – so with that, one has to ask, what would he do with this year’s title? It is unknown, but you could bet it will be…. hardcore…to the bone!

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RCEHoppe: Here is a well known media personality in the Greater Toronto Area and the Waterloo Region, and in addition to his greatness, RCEHoppe is the host of the Weekly Trending Fandom Show, a Radio/Television Broadcast syndication (website here) which airs on 100.3 Sound FM.  RCEHoppe knows what’s what in the culture scene, and he is also a seasoned convention veteran with countless conventions of all types under his belt. RCEHoppe is also heavily engaged with numerous community events and groups.

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As a shadow falls upon the region of Waterloo – a cry for help echoes in the night and a Dark Knight heeds the call, and with his fists of justice, the London Batman will be making his way to Kitchener and just by chance, he may be showing off his bat-suits and other fun stuff of the like.

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Alfonso Espinos

Alfonso Espinos is an award winning Canadian comic book creator and illustrator. He is the founder of Studiocomix Press where he is the project’s chief editor, publishing the ongoing series The Night Spike, also art directing, publishing and writing in titles like “All Jack City” “2010” “The guy with the Crystal Skull” “The six faces of dice” “The Victory” “Perdu Cirque” and “Dark Blood”.

In 2010 he was invited to participate in the creation of the Stan Lee Foundation Logo and organized the Cambridge Comic

Arts Festival in conjunction with Idea Exchange where he has taught as a Manga and illustrator instructor for the past six years.

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And just who is the Chocobodo? Well he’s a mythical creature of happiness that hails from Krawk Island, in the world of Neopia! He’s a dastardly (and cuddly) pirate who is out to pillage all the sweets! He may be the worst pirate you’ll ever hear of, but at least you’ve heard of him.

So with that – hide your canddie, because Chocobodo is on his way to this year Emiko’s Mini Convention, and oh – the fun times that are ahead.

More on Chocobodo can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/Chocobodo

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Delmerio Morgado

Delmerio “Del” Morgado is a Toronto based online radio show producer and founder of DFH Studios. As some may know Dell had started his adventure in Media by producing Video homemade movies and other things like that. Over the years Dell has got involved with several other media projects such as live improv skits, getting involved with the cosplay community, and starting his own online radio show that can be only be found on reality radio 101 on Tuesday evenings and from that, Del has been call the next Howard Stern by individuals within the broadcast industry. needless to say Del’s future seems to be llimitless and we are pleased to have him for this years EMC.

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Roger Michaelis

Coming all the way from Toronto, we have Roger Michaelis! Cosplayer extraordinaire, and encouragment to everyone out there who wants to cosplay! He avidly promotes well done cosplays in his Toronto group, The Greater Toronto Area Cosplay Hangout Group -CHG, (https://www.facebook.com/TorontoCosplay), and will be here to help and encourage you with yours!

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Here is a guy you would not want to meet accidentally in the Melee gaming arena! He is in the top 5 Melee players in ALL OF CANADA, and he used to be #1!! RaynEX also recently placed 3rd in a teams event at “Super Sweet”, an American national held in Michigan. Since 2008, he has been traveling across North America, completing in many Melee Console games, and locally, spends his time teaching local people how to play Smash Brothers! He was even sponsored by Omega Collectibles because of his experience in multiple competitive fights and continues to compete under the moniker [YRSF] RaynEX. We are delighted he is coming to our event, for all to see and behold!

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Koi’s are ornamental varieties of domesticated common carp (Cyprinus carpio) that are kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds or water gardens.

Koi varieties are distinguished by coloration, patterning, and scalation. Some of the major colors are white, black, red, yellow, blue, and cream. The most popular category of koi is the Gosanke, which is made up of the Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku, and Showa Sanshoku varieties….but these things simply do not apply towards our next individual. Some say he’s a figment of imagination of drunk university students, as others swear that this individual has swings from the rooftops to battle crime within the streets of Kitchener. Regardless of these things, the Koi has heard the underground rumors that Dr. Stevil will be in town. As a result, the Koi is coming to this years event to protect the citizens of Kichener from Dr. Stevil evil deeds .. or so we hope.

MORE on the Koi can be found at:


DJ Nytrix

Originally created in the 80’s, programmed in the 90’s, and trained in advance body moving; DJ Nytrix now brings the music to make the people come together. He has been known to host various themed boogies in the K-W region from funk to pirates, space jams to steam punk ragtime, always with a smile and style all his own. A self appointed Archon of music, DJ Nytrix tends to lean his musical tastes to electro, dance, funk, electro-swing, trance, drum and base, 90’s, and various feel good tunes. Just remember disco didn’t die, it just needs some help getting back to the future.

>> DJ Nytrix will be our in house DJ for our Friday night Pop and Chip dance dance party!



As The Long Ranger had Quicksilver, and the Duke boys having their General Dodge Charger and Michael Knight had his futuristic black 1984 Pontiac Trans Am – known as K.I.T.T ! AND with that were would Austin Powers with his Austin MINI ? Well my friend we are proud to announce at  this years EMC will have the Union Jack British-built Austin MINI on hand for all of you Austin Powers Fans out there – A groovy sight to marvel?  YEAH BABY!

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For all you comic book fans out there, we will have Mr Westman’s Master’s Dick Grayson heroic Robin on display.  This is a polarizing tribute to wards DC classic sidekick on the the first Robin, and it is displayed as one can only visualize with in the print of comics – truly a sight to see for all of you Robin fans out there!



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