Emiko's Guests 2011

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, and for those who are young of heart, it is with great pleasure that we announce our 2011 guests

Anthony Terlizzi

Stage Name: CosplayCanada!

As Anthony makes his debut at this years EMC3. Some may say he is an up-and-comingsuperstar in the Canadian world of cost play.With his first appearance at "Mississauga Cosplay Picnic" back in 2009 also attending conventions throughout the Greater Toronto Area and other conventions such as MetroCon, and with organizations such as Bad Wolves, Toronto Steampunk Socirty, and his running his own organization: Ontario Cosplay Community under his belt - Anthony is on his way to upper echelon to superstardom in the Cosplay circles!Other interests of Anthony include: anime, manga, video games, comics, and photography. More on Anthony's Cosplay adventures can be found at http://www.youtube.com/user/CosplayCanada


Jey Legarie

Jey has been in animation and graphic design since 1996 and working for multi-media and online gaming sites for 14 years. He has animated for "edu-tainment" CDs, designed online flash games (side scrolling shooters, puzzle games, blackjack to name a few), collaberated on C++ CD games, designed websites, taken the project lead for 7 language products and been a liaison between tech and business staff to bridge the needs of his employers. Jey through his own gaming company called Gifted Visions** urrent focus is on a CCG called Dungeon CrawlerTM. This CCG has had many incarnations, and has finally made its way in to production for 2010.

** Gifted Vision is a game designing company that is dedicated to bringing quality products to its customers. Gifted Vision is owned by Mister Legarie and operated out of the city of Kitchener, Ont. Canada. More on Gifted Vision can be found at: Cosplay adventures can be found at http://www.giftedvision.com/

The Savage Bandito

The true origins of the man known as *The Savage Bandito" is shrouded in mystery, some say he originates from the secret ninja cult the 5 tip blossom of Hamilton, others say (with vigor) that *The Savage Bandito" hails from the extremely secret underground ninja community of the land of Toronto, BUT others say he hails from the City Star of London some say that the Savage Bandito has traveled abroad outside of the WiFi land of Asia and and throughout his travels he became the last student of Grand Master Pan Qing , the grandfather of the secret glue technique. (to understand the unknowns and secret powers ninja glue please click the following link www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaSe7rOk9Bw to understand more ) Regardless of where this enigma that is wrapped in mystery came from the entity known as the *The Savage Bandito walks his way to the region of Waterloo - AND YES he is coming for your cookies, be aware dear reader, be very, very, aware.


The Ninja with the Soul Patch

As the strange and enigmatic man "The Ninja with the Soul Patch," Adam has been interviewing the masses of the convention going world since 2009. Attending such large conventions as FanExpo and Wizard ComiCon, as well as smaller Hobby Star conventions such as December Toronto AnimeCon, he hopes to make his Anime North debut later this year. He has also met many people from popular web and television series, such as Pure Pwnage, BITE TV, Space and G4 Tech TV. Interested in Anime, Comics, Video Games, and the Film Industry, he hopes to shed some light on the convention and cosplay scene with his own brand of chaotic shenanigans. The Ninja's official YouTube Channel can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/khguy10

Tom Danger Savage,


For those who don't yet know his photogenic fantastic art work prowess, don't worry you will be. as previously mentioned Tom is a photographer and he generally cares about all things that are cost-play related. Tom also makes exceptionally wonderful funny off-the-cuff videos at many local conventions , http://www.youtube.com/user/domainfilms

WARNING: do not attempt to eat or drink while viewing these films as you may experience nasal breaching.


Louis Frost

Your con hasn't brightened up like a shining star until you've met Louis Frost. Going by serveral aliases around the cons, he goes by the V.I.P. moniker Allfrost. Like a star with wings, he goes around socializing with the attendees, bringing an uplifting atmosphere and reflecting the nature of cons in the GTA. Louis's first convention experience, back in Fanexpo 08', gave him an insight on how big the social scene was for anime, comic book, video games, etc. First documenting his experiences in the form of a Youtube show, Lou has been increasing his activities at cons by becoming a photographer, getting into cosplay, and helping to introduce people to the convention scene. He's a mischevous trouble maker, which comes with the job as Soul Patch's Head Of Blackops. During his spare time, he likes to lavish in his wealth by counting and updating his noble amassment of hats. (And sleeping in.) Brawling in the streets in a blue blaze of glory to become the king of fighters, Lou is the go-to guy for con advice and experience. If a situation calls for Lou, he can truly say "I've got this."

If you wish to follow Louis Frost's Bizarre Adventures check out the links down below : http://allfrost.deviantart.com/, http://www.youtube.com/allfrost/

Doctor Holocaust

MINI - Convention blog blog report: #1JFURJS8494 - DH

As we get closer towards our up-and-coming show, we at EMC just recently received news that the Waterloo region will be receiving Toronto’s greatest diabolical technical super villain known as Doctor Holocaust! After an extensive information search very little is known about this individual of polymath scientific of evil genius. as I look at the reports, I have to ask myself is Doctor Holocaus, truly a villain in today's upside down, inside out modern-day society, or is he an individual who has been scarred somehow by society and thus an individual who is truly misunderstood by his peers? information that has been gathered can be viewed at your leisure within the following web sites: http://www.doctorholocaust.com/ and/or http://www.youtube.com/user/DoctorHolocaust

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