EMC Guests 2013

Doctor Holocaust

As we get closer towards our up-and-coming show, we at EMC just recently received news that the Waterloo region will be receiving Toronto's greatest diabolical technical super villain known as Doctor Holocaust! After an extensive information search very little is known about this individual of polymath scientific of evil genius. as I look at the reports, I have to ask myself is Doctor Holocaus, truly a villain in today's upside down, inside out modern-day society, or is he an individual who has been scarred somehow by society and thus an individual who is truly misunderstood by his peers? information that has been gathered can be viewed at your leisure within the following web sites: http://www.doctorholocaust.com/and/or http://www.youtube.com/user/DoctorHolocaust

Guest Status: Attending

Richard Zajac

Richard Zajac is a comic book inker living just outside of Toronto. He has been working in the industry for years working most recently on Batwing and the Huntress mini-series with Marcus To for DC as well as the DC Villians poster for WB. He also has helped Francis Manapul on Adventure Comics and the Flash. His work can be seen in Soulfire vol.2, G.I. America’s Elite, G.I. Joe: Special Missions, etc. He has written and published his own book, Thoughtless. He also teaches art instruction to kids and teens. He accepts commission requests ranging from pin-ups, specialty drawings and tattoo designs. Richard has long been a part of the Hero Initiative, acting as a Regional Chair and you can see his painting and penciling work in various Hero publications. http://richardzajac.deviantart.com/

Guest Status: Attending

That Joker Guy

From Toronto's Arkham Asylum and to our very own convention - That Joker Guy - is coming to town, and he is bringing his favourite bag of pencils along with them... for his art work of course, and as one may guess That Joker Guy has much of his artwork is themed around the ever-popular the Tronto Batman. and if it's not Joker specifically, then it is either in some form related to Batman, or is an original work.

In this wonderful weekend of fun he will have his art available for commission caricatures, portraits… and much more. One can check out his work on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/thatjokerguy

Guest Status: Attending

Monica Zelak

Monica Zelak, better known as Th3 Rogue, is the resident Go-To Gamer Girl for GeekXGirls.com, and hosts a weekly gaming night where you can join her in playing a number of different multiplayer games, especially anything Halo. She also teaches fellow gamers how to improve their game as a Game Coach for GameAsylum.ca. Monica has been seen at convention booths such as Pure Pwnage, which started out as a web series, and Bad Kids Go To Hell, a graphic novel which is now a film, in which she makes a cameo appearance. She was featured on the cover of the film, which you can access through Xbox Videos.

Other notable appearances included: Nerd Girl PinUps, Toronto Sun Sunshine Girl, Pulp Comics Cosplay Calendar, G4TV "Booth Babe" Finalist, and even as her own comic book character in "The Adventures of a Comic Con Girl."

One can follow the and follow Th3 Rogue on Twitter @th3rogue to keep up with all her gaming and convention-attending adventures! http://www.th3rogue.com

Guest Status: Attending

Tinaye '[GDLK] Tin Man' Dune

"Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want"

― Dan Stanford

It is with great pleasure that we announce the acquisition of Tinaye Dune a.k.a. Tin Man. Tin Man is one of the top-ranked Smash Brothers Brawl competitive players in Ontario and a tremendous ambassador for the Smash community. Not only has Tinaye shown admirable proficiency and high-level play in the game, he also stands as a leader in the community by organizing tournaments, casual sessions, and level ups through his tireless efforts.

We are excited to have Tin Man aboard over the EMC weekend and we look forward to future growth within both the Capcom and Smash fighting game communities.

More on Tin Man can be seen at http://youtu.be/3twapqOvGSY

Guest Status: Attending

Vince "RXS" Hui

Vince Hui, also known as RXS, is very widely known in the community as one of the most consistent and dedicated live video streamers in Ontario, he provides online content for many of the tournaments being held! Providing quality live footage and also presentation and hype, the gaming community acknowledge RXS dedication and they would like to further enhance the play experience through the unity of TorontoTopTiers.

RXS provides all of the live video productions at Toronto Top Tiers events. Through his work, players can now view many of Toronto’s tournaments in one place, further uniting and yet expanding the community,while having fun at the same time !

RXS showcases his productions at Justin.tv on the Toronto Top Tiers page: http://www.justin.tv/torontotoptiers

Guest Status: Attending

Sir Scraggles The Beardly

Introducing a new challenger to the convention community with his artistic hand and fully bearded visage, Sir Scraggles The Beardly. Attending conventions of all sizes since 2008, this beardly buddy has been working alongside The Ninja with the Soul Patch as his Head of Merchandising and taking over interviews from time to time for the past couple years now. With an unbelieveable list of celebrities from all forms of media met, many friends made over the years, as well as a love of classic video games and all forms of art, his brand of beardly shenanigans and silver tongued conversationalism makes meeting him a great time every time. If you want to view Sir Scraggles works, it can be found at: http://busted-pc.deviantart.com

and http://sirscraggles.tumblr.com

Guest Status: Attending

The Ninja with the Soul Patch

Patch, Adam has been interviewing the masses of the convention going world since 2009. Attending such large conventions as FanExpo and Wizard ComiCon, as well as smaller Hobby Star conventions such as December Toronto AnimeCon, he hopes to make his Anime North debut later this year. He has also met many people from popular web and television series, such as Pure Pwnage, BITE TV, Space and G4 Tech TV. Interested in Anime, Comics, Video Games, and the Film Industry, he hopes to shed some light on the convention and cosplay scene with his own brand of chaotic shenanigans. The Ninja's official YouTube Channel can be found here:http://www.youtube.com/user/khguy10

Guest Status: Attending

Mike Klassen

Mister Klassen grew up in a small town in Southern Ontario, Canada, and he was part of the local music scene until the age of 20 when his band 'Asher' recorded a full length CD with Juno Award Winning Engineer, John Bailey. Asher disbanded in early 2007 after which Mike attended Sheridan College in Oakville where he completed the Media Fundamentals Program as well as the Media Arts Diploma program. During his time in film school, Mike produced 3 notable short films, "Behind Closed Doors", "Stripped!" and "Shame" all receiving awards and/or been accepted to film festivals. In May of 2009 he was asked to be one of the producers on a feature length dramatic film '48 Hours In Purgatory' with writer/director Jason Armstrong. Later that year, the two would join forces in the production company called Skeleton Key Global Films (SKG Films). After graduating from Sheridan in April 2010, Mike very quickly went on to co-write, produce and direct a feature length horror film that went into production fall of the same year. The film starred such horror legends as Reggie Bannister (Phantasm series) and Caroline Williams (TCM 2) along with up-comers Andrew Roth and Elissa Dowling. The film is now available in stores and online and is distributed through R2 Films. Recently, Mike spent 3 months in Hollywood as the lead producer on Cory Cataldo's next feature film entitled "Without Ward". The film is currently in post-production and is set to be completed late 2013. Mike also directed a documentary on his grandfather which will be screened across western Canada spring of 2013.

More on Mike can be found at www.facebook.com/michaeldklassen and at http://skgfilms.com/

Guest Status: Attending

Lee Anne Wilson

After years of working in Scotland, and with numerous key hair and make up credits to her name, Lee-Anne Wilson is now represented by, Behind the Image. Lee-Anne's ability to design and execute striking hair and make up looks for film, print and runway have earned her an impressive client list. These clients include multiple BBC TELEVISION credits for series, CLARKS SHOES, SEARCH FOR THE NEXT FITNESS STAR, BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS, CANADIAN WOMEN'S FOUNDATION, TYNESIDE TARTAN, KILLIGREW FASHIONS, MAPLE LEAF SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT, NATIONAL SHOE, BAFFIN OUTERWEAR, HYDRO ONE, AINSLIE WOOD CO., CHCH MORNING LIVE, PIE FACE KIDS MAGAZINE, MOST MAGAZINE, HAMILTON MAGAZINE, COCO MAGAZINE, FASHIONSERIES.CA, LUXXE MAGAZINE and PREFERRED MAGAZINE.

Notables Lee-Anne has worked with:

Allan Hawco, Kristin Pellerin, Georges Laraque, Joannie Rochette, Jon Lalane, Bob Cowan, Annette Hamm, Alex Reynolds, Lesley Stewart, Nicola Jones, Sarah Harmer, Peter Mullen, Rory McCann, Jayne Wisener, David McKay, Iain McColl, Colin McCredie, Daniel Schutzmann, Louise Goodall

More on Lee Anne's work can be found at http://www.wilson-artist.com/

Guest Status: Attending

Buck Gunderson

Buck Gunderson is a Toronto based Professional Wrestler. He has wrestled for most every notable promotion in Ontario and currently Holds the GCW (Great Canadian Wrestling) Brass Knuckles Championship. He is the founder of the WrestleCrisis promotion which features video game themed "Combat Opera" and was behind the Viral Youtube Zangief Attack Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ2nT5FPhbE. He also organizes Anime North's popular "Anime Wrestling". More on Buck can be found at http://www.facebook.com/BuckGunderson and also on twitter https://twitter.com/buckwrestles

Guest Status: Attending

Louis Frost

Your con hasn't brightened up like a shining star until you've met Louis Frost. Going by serveral aliases around the cons, he goes by the V.I.P. moniker Allfrost. Like a star with wings, he goes around socializing with the attendees, bringing an uplifting atmosphere and reflecting the nature of cons in the GTA. Louis's first convention experience, back in Fanexpo 08', gave him an insight on how big the social scene was for anime, comic book, video games, etc. First documenting his experiences in the form of a Youtube show, Lou has been increasing his activities at cons by becoming a photographer, getting into cosplay, and helping to introduce people to the convention scene. He's a mischevous trouble maker, which comes with the job as Soul Patch's Head Of Blackops. During his spare time, he likes to lavish in his wealth by counting and updating his noble amassment of hats. (And sleeping in.) Brawling in the streets in a blue blaze of glory to become the king of fighters, Lou is the go-to guy for con advice and experience. If a situation calls for Lou, he can truly say "I've got this.

If you wish to follow Louis Frost's Bizarre Adventures check out the links down below :http://allfrost.deviantart.com/http://www.youtube.com/allfrost/

Guest Status: Attending

Press Start 2 Play

Press Start 2 Play (or PS2P for short) is the birth-child of music and video games. PS2P consists of Jake (guitarist), Robyn (vocalist), Taylin (bassist) and Robbie (drummer). The party of four hope to make their way across the world, meet new characters, and complete quests with the help of other like-minded people. You can check out Press Start 2 Play on their facebook http://www.facebook.com/PressStart2Play

Guest Status: Saturday Only

Artist TBA


Guest Status: TBA

We are in the mid final stages of enlisting for our Guests for this years con, please bookmark our page and please come back often

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